Solitary wave interacting with two cylinders: A mixing process

A solitary wave is sent from left side of the flume. The flume is 0.6m wide with 0.2m still water depth. The solitary wave then interacts with a two-cylinder structure. Numerical dye is sitting on top of the two-cylinder structure to visualize and trace the mixing process. An unstructured mesh and downstream convective open boundary condition are adopted. Click here to see the animation, or click here to see the laboratory videos taken by Gustavo A. Zarruk.

Numerical Setup:


The white indicates the two-cylinder structure. The arrows indicate the velocity vectors on the center cross-section, and the red is the numerical dye. The yellow and blue are the vorticities of the y (lateral direction) component.



Top view


2-Cylinder Structure

Solitary wave

Still Water Depth = 0.2 m
Solitary Wave Height = 0.0402 m
Nonlinearity = 0.201
Wave length (99%) = 16.14 m
K = 0.389 1/m
C = 1.536 m/s
Uc = 0.257 m/s

Unstructured mesh:


Animation (2.43MB)

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