Several features of Tso-Ren's studies are listed below:


Our goal is to develop a numerical model to solve the coastal problems. This model shall have the capability to handel various coastal situations, such as wave breaking, turbulence, wave impacts on structures, moving obstacle problems, and air-water interfaces. For these purposes, we adopted Truchas 2.0 as the foundation and added many numerical extensions (as shown above) to reach our goals.

[AKNOWLEDGEMENTS]: Tso-Ren thanks Dr. Markus Bussmann for his big help with the Truchas codes. Tso-Ren also wants to thank Dr. Doug Kothe, Dr. Jim Sicilian, Dr. Bryan Lally and Telluride support team for their useful technical support and comments on using Truchas.

[NOTE]: Truchas is developed by Dr. Doug Kothe, Dr. Jim Sicilian and their Telluride Team at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), and is based on the finite volume method. Simulations are fully 3 dimensional on unstructured grids. We execute Truchas on AMD 2800+ Linux workstations.

[Keywords]: Fluid Dynamics, Coastal Engineering, CFD, Computation Animation, VOF, Volume-of-fluid, FVM, Finite volume method, K-Epsilon Turbulence model, LES turbulent model, Moving Solid Algorithm, Moving Boundary, Landslide Simulation, 3D, Three Dimensional, Solitary waves, Cnoidal wave, Open Boundary Condition, Sponge Layer, Telluride, Truchas, Dam Break, Broken Dam.

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