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Developing the storm surge impact intensity analysis (SSIIA) and
reconstructing the 1845 Kouhu storm surge event

Chia-Chun Hsu, Tso-Ren Wu, Chun-Wei Lin, Shu-Chun Chuang, Po-Sen Tseng, Mei-Hui Chuang
Graduate Institute of Hydrological & Oceanic Sciences, National Central University


In 1845, a severe storm surge attacked Kouhu, Yunlin, and made 10,000 death toll. This event is the worst storm surge event in the history of Taiwan. To reconstruct this storm surge event, this study proposes an analysis method, the Storm Surge Impact Intensity Analysis (SSIIA) method. The CWB storm surge operational model, COMCOT-SS, is adopted for calculating the storm surge excited by each unit typhoon established in the SSIIA method. From the results of SSIIA, the impact intensity map which refers the typhoon location to the storm surge is established. To reconstruct the typhoon path of the historical event, a new algorithm is developed to analysis the relationship between the typhoon path and the storm surge by using the results from SSIIA's in terms of the surge height, maximum inundation elevation, and mean inundation elevation to obtain the possible typhoon tracks for the 1845 event and the inundation area. The method proposed in this research can systematically analyze the potential hazard of storm surge inundation in the coastal areas. It is useful for performing the storm surge risk assessment and planning the hazard mitigation strategy.

Key words: Storm Surge Impact Intensity Analysis Method (SSIIA), Typhoon Track, 1845 Kouhu Storm Surge Event, COMCOT-SS, Reconstruction of Storm Surge

Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Science, National Central University
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